How to maintain a healthy cash flow in my business?

Financial health is the foundation for a company to remain resilient in the marketplace. After all, only through good control of their finances can the manager make assertive projections, calculate the working capital of the business, and make investments for […]

Positive Debtor List – Good to Know

Few people who plan a loan know that there is not only a negative list of debtors, meaning that not only problematic clients are “screened” by banks, but that a good debtor is put on a positive list. However, this […]

Find A Credit Institution For FICP

When you are registered with the FICP, it is difficult to find a credit institution willing to lend you the money you need to complete an expensive project. Yet, projects are part of life and the credits should allow everyone […]

Let’s count on the Baby Waiting Loan!

As July 1st approaches, more and more people are busy working on how this particular Baby Loan works. Undoubtedly, this is the most popular element in the Family Protection Action Plan . Its conditions make it perfectly understandable. And this […]