What are the steps to buy back credits?

  Upstream: prepare your loan buy-back! The first thing to do is to be well informed. Do not hesitate to consult the specialized sites on which you will find invaluable information on the grouping of credits. You also need to take stock of your personal situation and determine your needs. As banks do not systematically

Loan without processing fee

Easy and cheap loan application Fair conditions and transparent credit concepts are in the foreground for more and more banks. In recent years, the legislator has observed a significant change in the market, above all due to the price regulation. As a result, borrowers who want to find a loan without a processing fee can

Special process of repayment loan

Installment loan offers you low interest rates and flexibly selectable terms for repayment. Nevertheless, it is not easy to plan future-proof loans years in advance. We present you with special repayment loans as the optimal solution for your future-oriented credit planning. Learn how to make the most of the special repayment option. Nevertheless, not everything

Positive Debtor List – Good to Know

Few people who plan a loan know that there is not only a negative list of debtors, meaning that not only problematic clients are “screened” by banks, but that a good debtor is put on a positive list. However, this can also be a problem. Defend against bad credit customers Nearly 450 domestic credit institutions

Find A Credit Institution For FICP

When you are registered with the FICP, it is difficult to find a credit institution willing to lend you the money you need to complete an expensive project. Yet, projects are part of life and the credits should allow everyone to achieve his best dreams. This article provides you with the right solutions to find